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Please read the following rules carefully before registering.:

General Provisions:

1.1 Project withdrawal commission is 0% of the amount withdrawn by the user.

1.2 By registering in our system, you agree to these rules in full.

1.3 Administration is not responsible for any damage caused to you as a result of using this System.

1.4 At the time of registration, the user must be at least 18 years old from the day of his birth.

User has the right:

2.1 To deposit money into your balance.

2.2 To inform and attract new participants to the system using various advertising methods sites, topics on forums, social networks, etc.

2.3 Send your wishes and feedback to the System in order to improve the service of the System.

User agrees:

2.4 Comply with these rules in full.

2.5 Carefully read the terms of enrollment and payments.

2.6 Do not mislead the System Administration by providing false information.

2.7 At least once a month to get acquainted with these rules again.

2.8 If any malfunctions or some errors in the site script are detected, report to the support service.

2.9 Do not attempt to hack the site and do not use possible errors in scripts.

When hacking, the administration has the full right to remove, block or fine the user.

2.10 Do not publish offensive messages, slander, or other types of messages that damage the reputation of the System or its users.

2.11 Do not register more than one account. Each participant has the right to have only one account. In case of detection of multi-accounts, the administration has the full right to delete, block or fine the user.

Duties and rights of administration:

3.1 If users ignore these rules, the administration reserves the right to delete, block or fine the user account without warning and without explanation.

3.2 It is forbidden to register more than one account in one referral chain (register using your own referral link). Payments to such users will not be made..

3.3 The administration may make changes to these rules without warning users.

3.4 Letters sent to the administration that have obscene content, are offensive or threatening will be ignored, and users deleted.

3.5 If you try to mislead the administration, fraud will be taken to remove, block or fine your account.

3.6 The administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information of the registered user received from him during registration.

3.7 In case of refusal to accept the new rules, the administration reserves the right to refuse the user in further participation in our service.


4.1 Users can make a deposit of $ 1 or more using the following payment systems.: Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer.

4.2 The minimum withdrawal amount from the system is: 0.02 US dollars. For certain payment directions, certain conditions can be set for a minimum withdrawal amount from the System and the procedure for servicing.

4.3 The list of payment systems with which you can make deposits and withdrawals can be adjusted by the administration.

4.4 Withdrawal of funds occurs in Auto mode. In the case of the provision of inaccurate, incomplete data on the withdrawal system from the client, the withdrawal of funds does not occur, and the withdrawal request is rejected until all the inaccuracies and data are corrected or clarified.

4.5 Applications for withdrawal of funds are accepted around the clock.